Brief Conservatism History

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that aligns largely with the conservative ideology around the world. Conservatives emphasize traditionalism, patriotism, self-sufficiency, and strong cultural and social conservatism within the context of Biblical Christianity in the United States it is often, but not exclusively, associated with the Republican Party.

The Reconstruction era began created after the civil war amongst black and white Americans in American politics in modern history. In addition, black Americans began to align themselves more with the Republican party and its conservative ideologies. Under Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, during his first two terms, there was not a single piece of civil rights legislation that was made into law and in the following election the black vote became more split. In 1960, the Kennedy-Johnson campaign promoted civil rights as a central issue and during their administration, they passed anti-discrimination legislation, gaining the “black vote.” Since then, the Democratic Party has held a majority of the black votes in America although Pew Research Center polling has found that the percentage of African-Americans who identify as Democratic has declined in recent years, from 75% during Barak Obama’s presidency to 67% in 2020. However, a 2017 sample size of 10,245 voters concluded that the working class identify as Republican.

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