Both Right Wing and Left Wing Christians are a Problem for Christianity

Christianity especially in the United States has been infiltrated by all types of political extremes. This has left the body divided and fighting among itself. In my last post I discussed right wing republican Christians and their obsession with Donald Trump. Someone pointed out how bad progressive liberal Christians are too. I am going to talk about that in this post.

Since last year I have had some negative interactions with social justice warrior progessives that used to go to my church. One of them is a very smart man from India. He used to go to my church and once helped with with writing my job resumes. Sadly this person has become a very radicalized leftist. After the killing of George Floyd, this man who professes to be a Christian was condoning the looting and protests that followed. He was posting these views on his facebook in addition to leftist comedian Trevor Noah. When I asked this man why he was posting these views on his Facebook he reacted in a hostile way. I asked how can a Christian condone looting and rioting. Rather than using the Bible, this man tried pointing me to some “Christian Book” about justice or something. This person also quotes Angela Davis quotes on his facebook in the name of “social justice” This man argued several times with me on facebook messenger. I told I did not want to argue and it would be more helpful to talk over the phone about these things. He never did.

There is nothing wrong with Christians getting involved in social issues. What does matter is what are the causes they are getting involved in and what are the methods. In the case of Black Lives Matter, it is not ok. They are a destructive group who engages in rioting, looting, and want to get revenge on the police. Christians should have nothing to do with them. Nor should Christians be associcated with radicals such as Angela Davis. Christianity and Marxism are not compatible. That should be common knowledge for all Christians. Yet Progressive Christians have largely strayed from the Bible and are drawn to secular forms of social justice, since they believe the church won’t do anything. That is like leaving the faith. I myself am an activist, but I keep it in line with Christianity. I seek advice from my pastors. I do not engage in violence. Part of my activism involves immigration from Central America and the root causes of it

There are other former members of my church who I ended up blocking on facebook when I saw them posting videos of themselves at the destroying of statues and praising vandalism. That is a poor witness for Christ!

Many have lost sight of what our duty as Christians is to be. To be Ambassadors for Jesus Christ on this earth, to be salt and light, and to go into all the world and preach His good news of salvation. As I mentioned in my previous article, right wing christians have lost sight of this too. They are pre-occupied with preserving their American Freedoms and getting in these cultural wars. In addition viewing Donald Trump as a “messiah” They too are consumed with so much hate. It is fueled by Fox News and One America News.

The church is dangerously divided. I don’t believe many will reconcile, but go deeper in their echo chambers of anger. Satan enjoys this. When Christianity is bitterly divided and fighting itself, less people will hear the Gospel and churches collapse.

Christians in persecuted countries have more unity than many Christians do in the United States. Thankfully many Christians here on WordPress are still sane and rational and focused on what is most important.

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6 Replies to “Both Right Wing and Left Wing Christians are a Problem for Christianity”

  1. TomGood thoughts. The Social Gospel is at the opposite end of Christian Nationalism and both are movements more concerned with the worldly temporal than the spiritual eternal.Liked by 1 personReply
  2. Blue Collar Theologian“Christians in persecuted countries have more unity than many Christians do in the United States.” How true. This is an excellent post! I am on a prayer text with a woman who is a woke, progressive “Christian.” I agree Joseph, Christians should be involved with causes/social issues in a manner that lives/shares the Gospel. This country is divided and it will not get any better. I am thankful for your heart Joseph for the eternal and for us to be people seeking the Kingdom of God!Liked by 1 personReply
    1. complicatedpoliticsblogI look at Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Oscar Romero as my role models when it comes to Christianity and Activism.Liked by 1 personReply
  3. SLIMJIMInteresting you mention in the last bit in your post about Christians being more sane on WordPress; it seems believers on WordPress are more balanced and biblical than other social media IMO. Maybe its something about writing longer posts than a tweet or a status that makes people slow down and think more and think specifically more biblically? I know there are exceptions but honestly I found WordPress to be far better of a communityLiked by 1 personReply
    1. complicatedpoliticsblogYes I agree with you. And yes there are still times I come across weird extremists on WordPress. You, Lisa Beth, Maria Tatham and others give me hope in a crazy divided American churchLiked by 1 personReply
      1. SLIMJIMLiked by 1 person

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Brief Conservatism History

Conservatism is a political and social philosophy that aligns largely with the conservative ideology around the world. Conservatives emphasize traditionalism, patriotism, self-sufficiency, and strong cultural and social conservatism within the context of Biblical Christianity in the United States it is often, but not exclusively, associated with the Republican Party.

The Reconstruction era began created after the civil war amongst black and white Americans in American politics in modern history. In addition, black Americans began to align themselves more with the Republican party and its conservative ideologies. Under Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, during his first two terms, there was not a single piece of civil rights legislation that was made into law and in the following election the black vote became more split. In 1960, the Kennedy-Johnson campaign promoted civil rights as a central issue and during their administration, they passed anti-discrimination legislation, gaining the “black vote.” Since then, the Democratic Party has held a majority of the black votes in America although Pew Research Center polling has found that the percentage of African-Americans who identify as Democratic has declined in recent years, from 75% during Barak Obama’s presidency to 67% in 2020. However, a 2017 sample size of 10,245 voters concluded that the working class identify as Republican.

Women Conservative and Suffrage

Traditionally, the Conservative Party has been represented as possessing a negative attitude on the question of women’s suffrage, with a few exceptions. But the reality is far more complicated, for the party’s attitude on the question was decidedly ambivalent. While it is undoubtedly true that the vast majority of diehards opposed to enfranchising women were Tories, the party contained many ardent supporters and played a major role in its achievement. They were the first party to organize large numbers of women for political work through the Primrose League, an affiliated organization, and depended on them during campaigns. Thanks to the Primrose League, the Conservatives possessed the largest body of politicized women in the nation. Furthermore, a significant proportion of both male and female Conservatives were actively engaged in the suffrage movement. The party’s leaders, from Disraeli on, had spoken in favor of at least limited female enfranchisement at one time or another — although, it must be admitted, until 1918, none of them did anything about it. Most importantly, it was a coalition government, to which the Conservatives belonged, that voted the Representation of the People Act of 1918 giving most women over the age of 30 the right to vote, and a purely Conservative government that, in 1928, enfranchised women on the same terms as men. In spite of the existence of a significant anti-suffrage rearguard, the party made numerous, very positive contributions to the ‘Cause’.

Conservatives and the Working Class

Ronald Reagan first captured the votes of so many union members, farmers, urban Catholics and other relatively powerless people – the so-called “Reagan Democrats”. Isn’t the Republican party the party of big business? Don’t the Democrats stand up for the little guy, and try to redistribute the wealth downwards?

Many commentators on the left have embraced some version of the duping hypothesis: the Republican party dupes people into voting against their economic interests by triggering outrage on cultural issues. “Vote for us and we’ll protect the American flag!” say the Republicans. “We’ll make English the official language of the United States! And most importantly, we’ll prevent gay people from threatening your marriage when they … marry! Along the way we’ll cut taxes on the rich, cut benefits for the poor, and allow industries to dump their waste into your drinking water, but never mind that. Only we can protect you from gay, Spanish-speaking flag-burners!”

One of the most robust findings in social psychology is that people find ways to believe whatever they want to believe. And the left really want to believe the duping hypothesis. It absolves them from blame and protects them from the need to look in the mirror or figure out what they stand for in the 21st century.

What Conservatives Believe

1. Conservatives believe in Individual Liberty

2. Conservatives Believe in Limited Government

3. Conservatives Believe in Original Intent and Conservative Judges

4. Conservatives believe that The Bill of Rights Limits Government, NOT the People

5. Conservatives believe that the Constitution Can Be Altered, But ONLY by Amendment

6. Conservatives Believe in the Right to Own Property

7. Conservatives Believe in Equality

8. Conservatives Believe in Limited, Fair Taxation

To read more about the beliefs in detail go to: http://www.takeovergop.com