Women Conservative and Suffrage

Traditionally, the Conservative Party has been represented as possessing a negative attitude on the question of women’s suffrage, with a few exceptions. But the reality is far more complicated, for the party’s attitude on the question was decidedly ambivalent. While it is undoubtedly true that the vast majority of diehards opposed to enfranchising women wereContinue reading “Women Conservative and Suffrage”

Conservatives and the Working Class

Ronald Reagan first captured the votes of so many union members, farmers, urban Catholics and other relatively powerless people – the so-called “Reagan Democrats”. Isn’t the Republican party the party of big business? Don’t the Democrats stand up for the little guy, and try to redistribute the wealth downwards? Many commentators on the left haveContinue reading “Conservatives and the Working Class”

What Conservatives Believe

1. Conservatives believe in Individual Liberty 2. Conservatives Believe in Limited Government 3. Conservatives Believe in Original Intent and Conservative Judges 4. Conservatives believe that The Bill of Rights Limits Government, NOT the People 5. Conservatives believe that the Constitution Can Be Altered, But ONLY by Amendment 6. Conservatives Believe in the Right to Own Property 7.Continue reading “What Conservatives Believe”